Nursing Home Horror After Irma

If there’s one thing everyone in Florida is desperate for after Hurricane Irma, it’s power – and not of the political kind.

Floridians are desperate to run their air-conditioning units and recharge their cell phones. More than 4.3 million Floridians were still without power as of 9 p.m. Tuesday evening. Many streets do not have working traffic lights or street lights. Local Miami FM radio stations, such as 97.3, talk about how the “one thing” everyone wants is power.

At the peak of the storm, around 15 million Floridians lost power. In Miami-Dade county, 596,900 households, making up 52% of the county, were without power as of Tuesday night. But how is everyone surviving without being able to just plug something in?

Hialeah resident Al Sacerio, 63, finally used the generator he’d bought eight years earlier, for the very first time, after Irma caused him to lose power on Sunday.

“Yesterday, we broke it out of the box,” the Miami-Dade resident told BuzzFeed News.

But why has he owned a generator for nearly a decade that he has never been used? “That’s an item you’ve got to have in your house in Florida; like a refrigerator out the back,” he replied.

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—Amber Jamieson and Lissandra Villa.

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