Let's Try To Work Out What The Hell Is Happening In "The Replacement"

If you’ve been watching The Replacement I bet that you’ve shouted at the television at least 46757 times.

This thriller, about someone who gets concerned about a person replacing her on maternity, results with you being so confused as to who is right and who is wrong.

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  1. 2. Is Caris (Christiane Robinson) really Paula’s child?

    Was she really at that sleepover that night during the final episode? And what on earth did that “YOU WIN” line at the end of the second episode mean?

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  1. 3. Was Kay (Neve McIntosh) murdered at the construction site that night?

    Was the fact that the code was changed outside a coincidence or not?

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  1. 4. Did Paula practice the presentation knowing that Ellen (Morven Christie) was going to hand it to her?

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  1. 5. Did David (Dougray Scott) have an affair with Paula?

    His excuse that women share their lipstick all the time is a WEAK one.

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  1. 6. Is it weird or totally unacceptable given the circumstances for Ellen to be Facebook Messaging Paula’s child Caris, without her knowledge?

    Of course it turned out to be Paula receiving the messages.

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  1. 7. How likely is it that Ellen will lose her job because of the constant allegations she has made against Paula?

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  1. 8. Who will come out on top at the very end of this?

    Will Ellen be brought down because of her unfounded allegations against Paula? Does Paula actually have a plan to bring the company down?

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    2. Via BBC / Left Bank Pictures


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