Here's How Women Actually Feel During Their Period

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  1. 3. And during your period?

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  1. 4. Do you become more emotional?

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  1. 5. More pessimistic than usual?

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  1. 6. Do you eat more than usual?

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  1. 7. Do you crave any particular food?

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  1. 8. Tell us what you like to eat most during your period.

    1. The greasier the food, the more I want it.

    2. Chocolate and only chocolate.

    3. Anything sweet.

    4. Anything salty.

    5. Nothing, actually.

    6. Healthy food.

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  1. 9. Do you feel like you put on weight just before your period?

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  1. 10. What part of your body changes the most?

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  1. 11. Do you have a higher sex drive?

    1. Yes, it’s all I can think about.

    2. Yes, a bit, but I don’t like having sex during my period.

    3. Not really, but I love having sex during my period.

    4. No, I have a lower sex drive.

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  1. 12. And finally, can your friends and family guess when you’re about to get your period?

    1. No, it’s a surprise every time.

    2. Yes, because I tell them.

    3. No, because it doesn’t change anything in my life.

    4. Yes, because I’m a completely different person.

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And if crazy things happen to you during your period, tell us about them in the comments!

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This post was translated from French.

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