9 Low-Key Genius Things To Buy In November

Here’s the thing, I am particular about my pyjamas (or “jammies” if I’m totally honest). When my mum was diagnosed with cancer last year, I bought her a pair of luxury pyjamas from Liberty, as if she was going to be in hospital, I wanted her to feel as glam as possible.

All of which is to say that I treat pyjamas the way other people treat skincare or candles – I’ll buy from expensive places, discount places, and the high street – I don’t care where they’re from but I want them to work. That means they need to be able to go in the washing machine, be loose enough to toss and turn in during the night, and hold up for a couple of years.

This is where Made comes in. They’ve launched 100% linen pyjamas for £59. I cannot express how much I love these pyjamas. I have bought a second pair already! They come in two very generous unisex sizes (S/M, and M/L) – for reference I’m 5’2 and have a 29inch waist, and the S/M swamps me in the cosiest way. There’s two colourways (dusky pink and slate grey, I have one of each). Full disclosure, Made sent me the first pair to try out, but I literally had them in my personal basket ready to buy before the email came through.

I know £59 seems like a lot of money for pyjamas, and it kind of is. But in the context of the high street, most pyjama sets come in at around £50 for cotton (here’s an example from Gap where the trousers are £23). I think these are a solid purchase, which is why I asked Made to share an exclusive BuzzFeed discount! Readers can get 15% off the Brisa PJs (both colours and both sizes) for 3 days from 1st – 3rd November (inclusive), and in fact the discount applies across the whole Brisa range (including lovely duvet covers and more). The code is BRISABUZZ15.

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