17 High-Protein Breakfast Recipes For People Who Don't Like Eggs

The task of whipping up a nutritious and high-protein breakfast that’ll kickstart your morning can feel like a real challenge, especially if you have an aversion to eating or cooking eggs.

According to registered dietician Abby Langer, the recommended daily intake of protein per meal is 20 to 25 grams. Classic ‘breakfast foods’ like cereal and toast won’t help you meet those numbers since they’re just carbs and offer very few grams of protein. Most people eat very few grams of protein in the morning, and take in the majority of their protein at dinner – which is unbalanced and can result in the person feeling hungry very soon after their morning meal. And while eggs are a protein-packed breakfast favorite, there are other high-quality protein sources out there.

Here’s a list of delicious, no-egg, healthy breakfasts that are within or close enough to the 20 to 25 grams of protein range to add some variety to your morning meals.

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